Single Sitting RCT | Rotary Endodontics | Rotary Root Canal Treatment in Noida

Pain and swelling related to tooth are the two most common reasons for a dental visit. When a small carious lesion or a small cavity is ignored, it leads to the exponential aggravation of infective activity of the microorganisms in that area as well as whole of the mouth making it an environment friendly to them where they are unstoppably causing local destruction or demineralization of the tooth structure. As a result, these microorganisms breach the root canal system of the involved tooth extending their infectivity to the pulp consisting of blood vessels and nerves. As a result of body defense mechanism, sometimes, a calcified layer protecting the pulp is formed over it to ward of the microorganisms trying to enter the pulp. But in most of the cases the bacterial load is way too much for the tooth to make a protective barrier leading to pulpal infections. This in turn leads to degeneration and disintegration of the pulp in the root canals causing formation of pus and build up of intra pulpal pressure leading to pain. When the microorganisms extend from the tooth into the bone, it leads to destruction of periapical bone, formation of purulent exudates which has a capability to cause space infections leading to extra oral swelling along with intraoral swelling. The above if not intervened at the right time can be fatal to the patient causing an emergency signal for hospitalization. The above process can take from days to months to aggravate if a small carious lesion is neglected and left untreated.

All the trauma caused by above process can be prevented if the patient is going for regular follow ups to the dentist so that an early lesion can be detected and a filling/restoration can be done to stop the infective process in the tooth. If the lesion is deep it can be treated with Root Canal Treatment, in which the tooth is opened from above to reach the root canal system where the infected pulp is present. The infected pulp is then removed with different instruments to clean the root canals completely along with the use of different antibacterial solutions. Following which the root canals are shaped to the desired size so as to fill them with a biocompatible material and seal them off from the outer environment which will prevent infection to re enter into the root canal system, thus increasing the longevity of the treatment. Earlier root canal treatment was performed with hand instruments which always left a chance of human error thus decreasing the longevity and success of the treatment. As a result, rotary motorized instruments made their way to the endodontics, which involved use of highly flexible and efficient root canal file systems which had higher success in completely removing the infection of the root canals as well as have better shaping abilities, reducing the chances of human error. The use of rotary file systems in the root canal treatment has indeed increased the efficacy and longevity of the treatment. In addition to the above advantages, it has also decreased the time required for performing root canal treatment thus making it possible to perform single sitting root canal treatment so as to save the patient from multiple visits. We at Floss Dental, Noida have been performing root canal treatment with rotary instruments and we are proud to have provided the ease of single sitting root canal treatment in Noida, with high success rate and longevity of their root canal treated teeth.

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