Most Common Dental Problems in India

In today’s world, we all suffer from some or the other problem related to teeth or gums. Poor diet, fast food, cold drinks and lack of oral hygiene contributes to the occurrence of dental problems in most of the cases. Almost 99% people suffer from dental issues before they reach the age of 60 years. Here we need to understand that all dental problems can be avoided if we take good care of our teeth and go for regular visit to our dentist to ensure that problems are cured at the right time.

Following are the most common dental issues that people face:

1. Bad Breath

Bad breath is also known as halitosis, this can be most embarrassing oral problem and there are multiple reasons that people develop bad breath. Issues related to tongue, gums also leads to bad breath. Lack of maintaining oral hygiene, lack of brushing teeth or flossing are common reasons for halitosis. To prevent we need to ensure that we brush atleast two times in a day, in the morning and at night- before going to bed. If the problem still persists then a dentist should be visited.

2. Cavities/ Tooth Decay

Tooth decay usually occurs when the food is left on the surface of the teeth after a meal. If we do not brush properly then these elements are not removed and accumulate to form plaque and finally tartar. This tartar when in contact with sugar produces acid which eat enamel of the teeth causing decay. Again brushing twice a day is the most common solution to it but if tartar has developed then you must visit your dentist and get tooth cleaning or tooth polishing.

3. Periodontal Disease

It is infection of the gums surrounding the teeth. Again when we eat and do not brush, the bacteria results into gum problems. Usually gums get swollen and starts to bleed. If any problem is felt in gums, one must visit dentist to cure periodontal disease.

4. Oral Cancer

This is by far the most dangerous and deadliest dental problem which can kill a patient within a year after its occurrence. Chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes are the most common reasons for oral cancer. To prevent we need to ensure that we do not consume any of the above and it is also essential to visit dentist at regular intervals to ensure timely detection & treatment of oral cancer.

5. Stained Teeth

There are many causes of stained teeth- cold drink, tea, coffee, fast food and lack of brushing leads to teeth losing its whiteness and getting pale yellow. Stained teeth looks unpleasant and to avoid the same, we need to ensure that we brush properly and visit our dentist for teeth polishing atleast once in 2 years.


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