White Teeth Indicates Healthy Teeth

  • It is essential to understand that the shade of the teeth does not define the health of the teeth; rather, factors like cavities, gum health, jaw bone health, determine the health of the teeth. Though white teeth certainly boost confidence, but shall not be considered as an indicator of healthy teeth.

Occasional Bleeding of Gums is considered normal.

  • Usually, Gum disease causes gums to bleed, and it is not normal. Gum disease, if are left untreated, can cause the fall of the teeth. A regular visit to a dentist is a must to check the health of the gums. Gums usually swell and bleed as a lot of calculus accumulates over some time due to our eating habits and less focus on oral hygiene.

Only kids get Braces.

  • Young age is usually the best time to correct the alignment and biting problems, but it should not mean that adults cannot get them fixed. Other than metal braces, in today’s world, there are a lot of options to get straighter teeth, visit Floss Dental clinic to know more.

Brushing and Flossing are same.

  • Must understand that brushing is different to floss. Brushing removes almost 70% of the germs, whereas floss is required to remove the rest 30% to clean the surfaces between the teeth where a brush cannot reach. We should not neglect dental floss as it results in cavities that are not visible to naked eyes and can cause gums disease. A dentist uses x-ray machines to finale examine the teeth.

Visit Dentist means Pain.

  • Dental phobia is very common; people tend to get afraid while visiting a dentist, assuming that their problem may cause Pain and might not let them eat properly till it gets treated, which is usually not the case. A dentist does not inflict Pain, and most common treatments like cleaning, polishing, and tooth filing are done without infusing anesthesia and are painless. Sensitivity is common, and usually, some precautions in eating habits are advised, which are essential for healthy teeth & gums.​​

Dental Treatments are Expensive.

  • It is an ancient saying, “Prevention is Better than Cure,” if we follow a regular dental check-up, at least once in 6 months, then no dental issue will become big, and we also understand the right way of keeping our teeth healthy. Cavities and teeth issues are very common due to our eating habits of cold drink, tea, coffee, junk food, and not taking proper care of oral hygiene, but these can be cured at an early stage with a regular dental check-up.


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