Who would you call The Best Dentist in 2020?

Dentistry is the medicine of teeth & oral cavity and has been one of the oldest medical professions existing since 7000 BC.  It includes the diagnosis and treatment for plethora of diseases related to teeth and mouth. In the recent times with the evolution of practice management techniques, it has become a trend in the medical profession to propagate their practice through self labeling themselves as best in their field. The same trend has made its way into dentistry. I would not deny that at the first glance, patients are tempted to drop by for their first checkup visit with the help of such type of marketing tactics. But the real journey starts from there on. It is important to understand that you cannot judge a book by its cover. And specially in case of choosing a dentist for yourself or your family member, it is important to know your doctors educational credentials, specializations. Most people know that specialization and keeping in touch with latest are forming the new criteria for choosing their dentist or doctor, contrary to the old perception of age being the criteria single criteria.For those who are not aware,Dentistry is a mother of 9 special branches under it which specialize in with different dental procedures. So your dentist can be a Master (MDS=Master of Dental Surgery) in either of the nine branches recognized by Dental Council of India, mentioned as follows: Oral Medicine & Radiology, Pediatric Dentistry, Conservative & Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics, Periodontics, Orthodontics, Public Health Dentistry and Oral Pathology. There can be other specializations in newer fields of dentistry, major ones being, Laser Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, Digital Dentistry etc. It is necessary to check, if your doctor specializes in the above then, it should be from an authentic university or organization of India or abroad to avoid getting fooled by substandard degrees and certificates.So, in this era of specialization don’t keep yourself  away from getting best treatment done that can be done by a specialist, so next time you got to a dentist after seeing and advertisement, do check their educational credentials. I should say that it is your right to ask for a specialist for your dental treatment. To make things easy I will mention the common problems related to dentistry and which specialist should you see for the same. As children require a special kind of behavior management and treatment modalities are different, they should always be seen by a Pediatric Dentist as even the slightest of negative experience can make them have aversion from dentistry forever. If you are having an issue with the wisdom tooth or need a surgical extraction, then make sure to get it removed by an Oral Surgeon. In case you have pain in any other tooth with or without swelling, then get yourself treated by a root canal specialist. If you want to get your mall aligned teeth in shape, then go in for an orthodontist. Any of your family member requiring replacement of lost teeth, then a prosthodontist and implantologist is the person they should see. For severe gum issues, periodontist is the choice. A latest modality for dentistry which has gained popularity is the use of lasers. Laser is one of most versatile tool in dentistry and can be used in almost all procedures. Its most common advantages include it is bloodless, has faster healing, less pain, requires no sutures, better compliance by the patient as a result of all of the above. There are many dentists specializing in laser dentistry but a few have complete knowledge about it. So make sure to go to a laser dentist having qualified from a good institution from India or abroad. Now after the information overload about the different kind of specialist dentist and the procedures done by you, you must be wondering if you would have to go to different clinics go to these different specialist. Thanks to the recent times, there are good quality multispecialty dental clinics which have specialist from all branches of dentistry on board, so you just have to find one of those nearby you. Now u will again have many multispecialty dental clinics around you, but which one to choose out of them? In addition to the quality of doctors, it is important for them to have a hygienic and comfortable environment. Good multispecialty clinics follow high quality sterilization and disinfection protocols to prevent spread of infection from one patient to another. All instruments are packed in single use sterilization pouches and stored in ultraviolet chambers after autoclaving. Chairs and operatory are disinfected after each patient. In addition to the above, a good multispecialty clinic always has warm and welcoming staff and doctors with good soft skills. I must say that there are very less number of clinics which have all the above qualities and if you happen to find one, grab on to it, as this is what can be called as the “Best Combination”. I am proud to share that Floss Dental Noida is one such multispecialty dental clinic having a great team of dental specialists and staff, following highest degree of hygiene and sterilization so as to give our patients what they deserve, Only The Best and Nothing Less!

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